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Manufacturing method of spiral blade

This method is not the cold-rolled forming method we have long seen. He achieved the strip steel modification by winding the mold. This method is generally called the winding molding method.

What are the characteristics of cold rolled spiral blades?

The current spiral blades generally use continuous cold-rolled spiral blades or winding spiral blades with less than six spiral blades, and more than six commonly used single-piece stamped and formed spiral blades. Today, I will mainly explain the characteristics of continuous cold-rolled spiral blades.

Use cold rolling mill to produce spiral blades

Spiral blades When cold rolling mills are used to produce spiral blades, sometimes there will be a relatively loud squeaking sound which is very unpleasant, but some blades will have little or no sound.

How are qualified spiral blades produced?

Qualified spiral blades not only require that the pitch of the inner warp and the outer diameter meet the standard, but also the arc standard is beautiful.

Spiral blade conveyors are prone to sweeping phenomenon

The most likely thing to happen during the use of the spiral blade conveyor is the sweeping phenomenon. Once the sweeping occurs, it indicates that the screw conveyor is about to end its life.

Spiral blade products and technical characteristics produced by continuous cold rolling

The spiral blade produced by the continuous cold rolling method overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional spiral blade production process, such as poor precision, difficult forming, high material consumption, and low production efficiency.

Spiral blade products and technical characteristics produced by continuous equal-thickness technology

The continuous equal-thickness technology is a new technology developed to compensate for the difficult specifications of continuous cold rolling technology, high material consumption for one-time debugging in small batch production, and to further improve the forming accuracy of spiral blades.
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