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Sectional Screw Flight

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Sectional Screw Flight:

The molding technology (inventory name: method of forming spiral section blades, patent number: ZL200810023870.5) which holds the national patent for invention was industrialized in 2004.This product has been awarded" China Jiangsu Province Hi-tech Products".


Product and technical features:

1. It is a proprietary technology developed to solve the difficulty of continuous rolling forming technology in large diameters, large thicknesses, special specifications and dimensions, and wear-resistant materials, stainless steel materials, etc., which are difficult to form with continuous rolling technology;

2. "Segmented equal-thickness spiral blade" is a single-pitch shape, and the thickness of the outer edge is almost the same as that of the inner hole. After molding, the outer diameter, inner diameter, and pitch can accurately reach the size required by the customer;

3. It can be formed over-large and over-thick, made of low-carbon steel, low-alloy steel, wear-resistant steel, and stainless steel with equal diameter, equal pitch, variable diameter, variable pitch, and inner hole circumference and outer diameter circumference with bosses or gaps Various forms of "segmented equal-thickness spiral blades" as required;

4. Good forming accuracy and high qualified rate of finished products, which can meet the requirements of small batch and individualized supply. It is especially suitable for the production of "spiral blades" of large specifications, large thickness and wear-resistant steel and stainless steel materials.

5. Material utilization rate and forming efficiency are lower than continuous cold rolling forming technology.


Product material:

Low carbon steel, low alloy steel, wear-resistant steel, stainless steel, etc.


Product specifications:

Within the scope of meeting the following table, customized production according to customer requirements.




Minimum inner diameter
Maximum outer diameter
(Coefficient) Minimum outer diameter
Thickness range
60~100 25 480 1 Minimum outer diameter = required pitch * coefficient 3~16
100~150 30 480 0.8 3~18
150~200 50 520 0.75 3~20
200~250 60 630 0.7 3~25
250~300 65 670 3~25
300~350 90 900 3~30
350~400 90 950 3~30
400~450 95 950 3~30
450~500 135 1150 3~35
500~550 150 1300 3~40
550~650 150 1350 3~40
650~750 200 1400 3~45
750~850 200 1450 3~50
850~950 250 1450 3~55
950~1050 300 1500 3~55
1050~1200 350 1600 0.8 3~55
1200~1250 400 1800 3~55
1250~1400 450 2000 3~55
1400~3000 480 3000 0.65 3~60


1. The thickness of the spiral blade is 20mm~30mm, and the width of the blade shall not be greater than 400mm.

2. The thickness of the spiral blade is 30mm~40mm, and the width of the blade shall not be greater than 370mm.

3. The thickness of the spiral blade is 40mm-50mm, and the width of the blade shall not be greater than 350mm.

4. The thickness of the spiral blade is 50mm~60mm, and the width of the blade shall not be greater than 320mm.

5. For other information, please contact our company for detailed consultation, the hotline 400 086 6258.

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